Christian Versus Atheist

Atheist!Interactive Christian Training Simulator (c) 2008 JesusTek

Part III - Christian Vs Atheist: Final Showdown

Congratulations on stomping on the Scientologist Mini-King and defusing the Islamic Suicide Bomber Baby with your Battering Baton of Blind Belief. You are now ready to take on your most potent of adversaries: the Atheist!

The Atheist attacks God and His followers by using his brain and utilising the three unholy forces of "Knowledge", "Reason", and "Thought". You must be ready to counter the Atheist's aggression with your God-given gifts of "Faith", "Repetition", and "Proclaiming Religious Intolerance" in order to wear down the otherwise persuasive offensive powers of this insidious foe.

The Atheist stands before you blocking all exits with his intellectually-filled bulk! The Atheist is a monstrous beast and rocks back laughing at what he considers to be your puny position. Just visible within his great and deceitful beard you can see books and scientific equipment. The Atheist glares at you and asks: "Pathetic Christian! Does prayer work?"


Author: Mark

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  1. Christian Said:

    "Prayer does work. It comforts the christian when he’s clueless. It’s an utterly selfish thing to do; that brilliantly has the excuse of being the opposite. Depending on your view, the answer will be yes or no. Yes, if it comforts you in any way to practice it. No, if you look at the external results.

    BTW: My parents gave me my name. I stick with it out of honour to them; not because it fits."

    Yeah… me too.

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    • Mortals constantly want to expand their knowledge on the creation of who they are. Since science emergence, scientists are able to investigate the creation of humans, earth, and even the universe. Clearly the earth seems beyond perfect and nothing should be in the way of its existence, never came into consideration to some. Ancient people lead themselves to believe in an imperceptible higher immortal, possibly for some sense of comfort, or even an intellectual reasoning. Finding such an immortal creature was an impossible task. To these ancient people, this invisible immortal being was the explanation of the uncertainty of their environment. The thought of a higher power monitored all their actions provided them exceptional reassurance. That only gave them more of a reason to believe in such a fictional character. A theory that provided reassurance and an explanation for the creation of earth are basic concepts for the planet and humans existence. With death, is when most endured pain and found reassurance in this non-existent being. Creating this immortal being to watch over their everyday life would keep them safe and guard them in their afterlife. Demise is inevitable, and it can be shatter one’s heart, and bring chaos to life. Most individuals are un-comfterable with the topic of death and with an immortal being they are able to find comfort in their death, as well as their loved ones.

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  2. This is, more or less, the epitome of every awesome thing that ever existed.


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  3. This simulation was apparenlt created by an atheist who believes all believers in Christ are idiots and don’t know when they are being made fun of by some lonely person stuck in a basement with no life and no happiness whose only goal is to try and make everyone else feel bad just as they do.

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    • Or it was made by a person that wanted to highlight the stupidity of fundamentalists’ arguments.

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  4. Basement?

    Oh, what I’d give for a nice basement. Or even just a cellar; you know, somewhere to store the wine or humourless Christians etc.

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  5. christains are not humourless i do in fact think its funny you would lie to stick a person in a basement and still feel you are phycologally superior

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  6. Beth:

    Christians, not christains.
    I, not i.
    It’s, not its.
    Pharmaceutically, psychotropically, or possibly pie-logically, not phycologally.

    Superior? Intellectually-speaking, without a shadow of a doubt.

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    • lol u can look those words up on the internet and spelling proves nothing, some studies show that atheists actually do score higher than christians anyway lol.

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  7. That was funny πŸ™‚

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  8. You’re a loser

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  9. Is this supposed to be funny or serious?

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  10. If you have to ask then you’ve failed at life already. Please try again.

    Oh and "Curt and Randy" hahahaha. Sorry. Just seen your "website" and rightwing republican redneck "best friends" with that piece of crap referring to anything here or elsewhere on the web as losery is one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a long time. Actually, 1234 if you’re after funny then you should go there.

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  11. All things work for good for those who love the lord
    Romans 8:28

    p.s. that "Do you Christians not pray for a cure to cancer" all of the awnsers are wrong. try to find a good response to that bible verse

    if anyone does catch me at ‘’

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  12. this is to francis scudellari
    tell me whats fun about athiesm?
    we christians have salvation
    jesus is going to come and take the people that stayed faithfull to him.
    tell me, how is christianity not fun? answer that question
    jesus died for you so live for him

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    • It’s not about fun.
      tell me why are there two different genealogies for Jesus
      did he forget who his ancestors were.

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  13. I had a go of your little challenge and firstly would like to point out that you have represented the majority of Christians well. This is sad to say as I am a Christian who believes the masses of Christianity do not understand the basic answers to questions such as why does God not heal people of Cancer. So if most Christians don’t even know, how can we expect atheists who are assessing what we believe to know either. But let me shed a little light on the matter.

    Firstly I would like to point out that Jesus never said that he was going to abolish all pain and suffering while he was on earth. No instead he too died and suffered so how can we expect anything different. But he did perform miracles while he was alive to show that he does hold the power of sickness and death. So today we live in a time after Christ which theologically could be described as the ‘now but not yet’. The ‘now’ is the fact that Jesus came into this world bring with him the kingdom of God, and all who put their trust in Him will enter into that kingdom, but while we live we are still subject to the functions of this world, we will get sick and we will die. The not yet though is our hope that one day Jesus will return and then the systems of this would will no longer apply and we will be free from sickness and death.

    So I concluded by saying the Bible clearly shows that all people will become sick and die and to think other wise is only superstitious but where you say God is cruel because he could stop this I say He is loving because I can see the eternal picture that in time I will be restored and will not be plagued but sickness and death in the time to come.

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    • Would you say that If you were in Canaan when the Israelite s were murdering them for their land ( The promised Land ) that was occupied by people ( all mighty god ) couldn’t create a new land for his people. they had to steal and lie to the Egyptians and invade Canaan. and murder countless people in the way there that had nothing to do with Canaan ( Jericho ) a walled city was destroyed for what reason??????

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  14. i like it when people fight over me, makes me feel special.

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    • There has been plenty of blood spilled in your name.

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  15. I have a question for all the athiest!? If you do not belive in god and want nothing to do with him why do you spend so much time argueing with christians about his existence?

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    • For the same reason you guys keep preaching and knocking on peoples doors and such. we have a message that has to be preached to all the corners of the earth.
      most atheist are former Christians and are not, Ignoramus like you may think.

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  16. To enlighten. To educate. To teach. To better.

    I’m afraid you can’t use the "well, if you don’t believe in it why do you spend so much time talking about it to those of us morons who do?" argument unless you can first demonstrate that the religion you follow springs up naturally and without any outside interference in each and every follower. You’re not born a believer in any of the hundreds of different and conflicting religions and your particular flavour didn’t suddenly spread without somebody somewhere talking about it to somebody else who didn’t believe it. Children do not believe in any particular space fairy until they’re told about them. Why don’t we make a deal? Atheists won’t talk about idiotic beliefs in religion to the religious so long as the religious don’t ever speak about their religion to anyone else not already a believer too, extending to – especially – offspring. Can’t say fairer than that!

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  17. Actually, i hate to break it to many of you. Atheism is in fact a religion. It’s a set of beliefs and corresponding behavior that shapes your interaction with divine things. What is in so many ways, an obvious truth (the reality of God), you simply choose to ignore.

    The assumption that something that cant be proven with human made science kit doesn’t exist…now that’s pretty daft. Very few of the world’s greatest truths cant be proven in a lab. I find it almost funny that many atheists openly admit to Jesus being (at least) one of the greatest men in history…yet simultaneously consider him to have been completely delusional!

    It’s also (almost) amusing how atheists also somehow consider themselves as somehow more ‘intellectually gifted’ than the average joe. Ha!

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    • NOT believing is not a religion…. no matter how YOU may want to put it. there is no church that we go to there is no entity that we serve in any way, there are no 10% of our money going anywhere, there is no long lost library of books ( Bible ) there are no kids being raped by our priest.
      look up Religion in the dictionary.

      a belief is not a religion ( kids believe in the Easter Bunny ) Santa clause. etc Kid are religious the church of the eater bunny

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      • those are false arguments. Santa Claus and eastern bunny are insults to Jesus and have no biblical support. Easter is easter starting from ancient Israel and no christmas should be celebrated because Jesus told us only to keep the Supper and to remember his death. Society gives us a valid reason to be a Christian who restores the biblical truth, removing false doctrines of the pagan holidays, not becoming Atheist because of the false doctrines πŸ˜‰

        when you use false arguments it means atheism is also false.

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  18. Max: thanks for popping by and adding some religious gibberish; I was just thinking that this page didn’t quite have enough religious gibberish. Let’s address a few points:

    Atheism is a religion? No it’s not. A lack of a set of beliefs is not a set of beliefs. I know I’m on shaky ground trying to interject logic to a religious nutjob and wasting my time but let’s try this example: my cat is a cat and I am not a cat. Because I am not a cat I am not a cat. You might argue that being not a cat makes me some sort of cat – the not a cat sort of cat – but in actuality I still remain not a cat at all. Same thing with atheism. It’s not a belief; it’s not a religion. Although you may want protection for your delusions from those who can argue so well against your insanity by trying to include them as somehow equal but inferior to you, the fact is that you’re an imbecile. Okay? Cool.

    The phrase "obvious truth" is a wonderful argument and I’ll make sure to use it myself when I’ve nothing to support my statements. Your DNA discovered at the scene of a crime? Don’t worry! Sorry officer, but the obvious truth is that someone else did it. What camera that recorded everything? Well, the obvious truth is that someone tinkered with it. My confession a few minutes ago? The obvious truth is that I was possessed by fairies. Fairies don’t exist? The obvious truth is that they do. And so on. Wonderful. Remind me not to debate you. Without a hammer.

    Many atheists openly admit to Jesus being one of the greatest men in history? Really? Can you name, ooh, let’s say, a handful of these many atheists? Since I’m not aware of any and learning things is something I like. I know that’s asking for evidence to back up your claim and I know you’re not big on that but, perhaps, after all we’ve been through…? Personally, I think the idea of Jesus was admirable, if misguided and no longer relevant; as to his existence though… I’ll take a historical record in lieu of his body as supporting evidence (eek! Sorry about the ‘e’ word again) and, sadly, there’s none. Historians (and there were a great many) mention Pilate and the census that took place and various other things that apparently occurred at the time but, strangely (or not really, if you think about it (thinking huh? What a novelty!)) the miracle man who heals the sick and lame gets overlooked? How very odd! I’m just sure you know why that was though. Let me guess? Two shooters on a grassy knoll in Area 51 called Elvis dressed in black and erased the records. It’s an, er, obvious truth of course. What other possible explanation could there be?

    I’ll let you get back to colouring in now.

    This comment sponsored by Insult-A-Twit.

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  19. wow, this is truely a stupid little "game"

    you claim to have knowledge, reason, and thought…and yet you belittle innocent people and like to shove YOUR beliefs down their throats. just like the people you’ve come to hate.

    hahah, i bet you like to bring up shit like the crusades, too. yeah, blaming people today for something that happened hundreds of years ago that doesn’t even have to do with the people you’re arguing. so they were christians? yeah, well stalin was an atheist, and look at all the religious people he killed. but let me guess, thats’ different, right? cos he had a good reason? yeah, i bet you’re "logic" would tell you that.

    hahaah, i laugh at you, you’ve become so much like the people you’ve come to hate! i bet you find it nice and comforting to stay in your little circle of "thought", i bet that the fear and uncertainty inside you compells you to stick to your paradigm and act like a complete dick to people you don’t know…but it seems that you like to take the good ole’ fashion "anonymous" route. yes, it is MUCH safer to be behind a computer screen, isn’t it? i mean, at least then you can just refuse to pay attention to any arguments that could trump yours. awwww, so callow. it seems that you can’t grasp the concept of the BELEIF in atheism. since, oh, i dunno…SCIENCE DOESN’T MEAN THERE ISN’T A GOD. but hey, it must be nice to stick to a a very black and white, materialistic and frigid paradigm. as for christianity…well, you MUST feel some sort of threat if you have to go about attacking christians on the internet. oh yeah, and all those blanket statements and generalizations are really something! i mean, they MUST be true, right? christians aren’t people, are they? no, they gotta be like…like, ohhh, rats! hmmmm, ring a bell? i can think of a couple of dictators that sat right on top of their high horse, polluting the air around them with their arrogance, planning out atrocities for a "good cause"

    nice. way to contradict yourself.

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    • We are being blame for ADAM’S sin I guess that’s OK because it helps your cause, I guess you have no scripture knowledge, cause all you use is profanity and insults, very christian of you, I’ve posted 5 to 6 post so far without insulting anyone. or calling any one a D^ck. Lets make a deal you pray to your god to bring Fire from heaven and kill all the atheist & I’ll pray to mine to stop yours from doing it. Lets see who wins……

      I guarantee MY GOD IS GREATER……

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  20. i think there needs to be more answer alternatives. atheist fuckwits.

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  21. this christian vs atheist game, has nothing whatsoever what it will be like if you faced a true atheist, it has some key facts but the answers which you are given is really irrational and make no sense to what you could really say, this is terrible ways to practice, if you want to really practice on bringing an atheist to christ, for one, dont talk to them about christ that will just draw a person away, going by your actions is what will make people wonder and really bring someone to the lord, and christianity is not religious james 1-26 says for any man who is religious but does not have a tight reign on his tongue is vain, so therefore, god is against religion for it is man made. And another thing, those who dont believe in christ, look around you, this year of 2010, theres been more earthquakes ever in history, 90 million miles out of the earth, there is a huge asteroid that looks like the star of david and is shaped like a cross, which is headed this way according to astrologers, theres more wars, more disesase, more famines, more weather changes, global warming is coming to place, its all signs, whether you believe or not is your choice, but i tell you this, if it is to be true, i have everything to gain, if it’s not, i had nothing to lose in the first place, because death i will no nothing, but i know better than to think that we will rot in the ground afterwards, we didnt come from monkeys or just some sort of BANG, if it was a big bang, god did it because its the only way possible, i do respect science, but they go by guesses and chance, so i dis-agree with what many say on the bible, unless you read the bible yourself, you will never know the truth. and the real truth comes from god, those who dont believe, you want to see god or better yet hear him, why should he come to those who hate him? although he’s right next to you, but you refuse him, and spit in his face, but yet he still loves you unconditionally.

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    • There has always been the fear of the LAST DAYS look up on google earthquakes, there has been far worst earthquakes in the past, & storms, and war and rumors of war. read Apocalypse for you self. The time is at hand, Christ told the disciples they wouldn’t even have time to preach to all of Jerusalem, so please stop preaching what you don’t know about read it most of the doctrines and lies though in the churches are man made

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  22. Mark: you of so little faith the bible even states of people just as you, you are the perfect example of the end of age, man will be more selfless and into themselves then god, you want proof, look around you, everything happening is signs of the bible, every sunday and some random weekday we now have major earthquakes in non-godly areas, the bible clearly states in matthew 24: 4-14 states the end of age, you can say its always happened throughout history but i tell you this, never in history of this year has there ever been so much destruction and havoc then ever before, many anti-christ have taken reign, many more diseases, many more wars, but yet, you are so foolish to blame the most high god, he tells us all to prepare for death, the lord never said he was going to take away all suffering, the times of destruction go back to adam and eve, god gave them the choice to do good or do wrong, just as we are today, if god knew you were evil, he would never create you for god can not be near those who are evil, and even those who are good, without the son within you and the holy spirit you can not enter the gates of the kingdon of heaven just because you are "good" you deny christ, and another thing, god never made evil, satan did, when satan was cast out of heaven only then did the beginning of evil begin. We are now at the times of soddom and gommorah and the days of noah, you of the many i pray for. Instead of using Logic Mark, pay attention to this world of which you are so blindly living in, everything that you see is taking place within the bible, god’s words are my proof he exist, and no matter what you do, you will never be able to backfire the words of god, for you know nothing of him and until you do, from dust you were created and dust you shall return. UNLESS you repent for your wrongs and give your life to the lord Jesus Christ, until you stop being so blind of the world, you are flesh and nothing more. Who are you to ask god for proof? why should god listen to those who refuse him and deny him and belittle him? God has every right to punish those who are against him, there are no half and halfs you are for him or you are against him, god does is a merciful god, but as he watches over you now, he only can continue to stand besides you and knock on your hollow head to let him in your heart. God is a loving god, for he has not yet given up on you nor will he ever, but you are the one who give up on him.

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    • ADAM & EVE were innocent like children how do you expect for them to know what was right or wrong before sin entered the world. contradiction. Eve ate first but her eyes were not open until she got Adam to eat to then they notice they were naked. come on people open your eyes. If she ate first she would have knowledge before Adam and would have covered her self before him….. common sense would tell you….
      think about it the first creation was LIGHT and he separated the light from the darkness. night and day….. What happened to that light, gods first creation on the fourth day when he created the sun moon and stars…

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  23. God can not exist, because something would have to had come from nothing. If God can come from nothing, anything can come from nothing. God is unnecessary, and your god was invented by humans with no understanding of the world around them, simply as a device to trick the stupid ones into giving the smart ones a share of their crops, so their sky wizard would let their crops grow. Religions have existed since the dawn of man, and it’s just the result of a vestigial Darwinian drive not to kill yourself as soon as you understand that it all counts for nothing and you just rot in the ground.

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  24. This is rather silly; the simulation ignores a slew of reasonable rebuttals to the questions. This is more an indicator of the poster’s lack of study in Christian philosophy than a succinct argument simulation. I like the idea of an argument simulator, but it needs work. It’s interesting how the only stalemate condition is about personal belief. The poster might enjoy trying to rebut Aquinas.

    Give me a shout on youtube if you want to debate any of this.

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  25. The game was mediocre, I find the comments section the most fun filled place!

    Creationists making themselves look like buffoons is quite fun.

    Picard *facepalm*

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  26. explain big bang thts nothin outta somthin vice versa huh dumb muthamutha

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  27. You should include this option in your answers dropdown menu.”There were/are cases of cured cancer after prayer meetings.”
    Old people that claim to be cured by God after prayer, sometimes confess that this it was their reason to repent.
    Cancer as a disease is caused by the pollution/bad food/synthetic hormones/etc. Try living on a virgin world with no technology, no car exhaustion, no mobile antenas, and you’ll get no cancer….

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  28. being Christian is about belief in Jesus who died because of our sins, inherited from Adam, the perfect man who fell into sin. Belief in His resurrection, and belief that through Jesus we will be resurrected in the future of mankind, after His second coming. That is Christian faith. If you speak only of God and prayer you might as well say “Islam versus atheists”. Don’t forget that.

    Christian faith is about Jesus the Son + God the Father + the Holy Spirit (one component of both). Also belief in the evolution theory means removing Adam as first man, and removing Jesus who is a descendant of David, descendant of Adam. One true Christian cannot accept evolutionism.

    So, don’t remove Jesus from the equation when questioning Christians, you might end up bullying them to fulfill the prophecy and to actually strengthen their belief by bullying them – “All men will hate you because of me, but he who stands firm to the end will be saved.” Mark 13:13 NIV πŸ˜‰

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  29. @ATHEIST:
    Some clerics say that ghosts are actually daemons trying to convince people that the dead are spirits.

    the Bible clearly says that all men return in the ground after death (not Heaven or Hell). I repeat, RETURN in the ground. The dead cannot feel, speak or feel emotions, they are DEAD. There is no soul floating outside the body, we cannot communicate with the dead etc. Heaven or hell accessible immediately after death are lies of the catholic and orthodox churches.

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