Chichester Tramp

What majesty there is in being a tramp!

Fresh air every day. Watch the seasons change moment by moment! Well, every moment not filled with hunting through bins for discarded food and the butts of cigarettes. See strangers grow up, form relationships, and steadfastly refuse to make eye contact with you!

To live a life free from deadlines and the worries of paying bills: is it any wonder that the position of tramp holds so much respect amongst the non-tramp populace?

Look! Look at the space the tramp is given! It's not the smell (it's not just the smell, anyway) and it's not because of the random talking or wheezy shouting at passersby (although that probably helps a bit); that's the space that comes from pure, unadulterated respect! Maybe even reverence!

Okay, probably not reverence.

Could you see yourself living this life?

If so then Chichester District Council want to hear from you. A surplus in EU funding has led to the permanent creation of a new role of Fourth Tramp (pay grade Z9) with the intention being to fill this position before the start of the next school term. Applicants must have their own halitosis but all other skills can be learnt on the job and no previous experience is necessary. Chichester District Council is an equal opportunities employer.

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