Chichester Cross Wedding

Yesterday – that being the 17th of March, 2011, a Thursday and a St Patrick’s Day all at the same time – saw me continuing my fine (not really) tradition of wandering the streets and walls and precinct of Chichester looking for things of interest to photograph rather than take lunch at my desk in the office at work. It had been a fairly uneventful lunchtime with nothing much of interest to inspire my eyeballs right up until I hit the centre of Chichester’s shopping precinct and the Chichester Cross monument.

Usually, the monument is home to people sitting around waiting to meet friends, colleagues, mistresses, tramps, “the youth”, and other such oddities, but yesterday saw a small wedding ceremony take place between people unknown, witnessed by friends and relatives unknown, presided over by a priestly-looking man unknown, and observed by many bemused or happy passersby unknown. Camera phones were out in force and it was taking place in public so I felt justified in taking a few shots myself.

The set of photos I took of the wedding at Chichester Cross are on my Flickr account here, and here’s a smattering of pictures too:

Wedding Picture
Wedding Picture
Wedding Picture

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