Chichester Canal

I loathe this weather. I'm not a hot weather person. I'm really, really looking forward to my trip to Norway in six weeks' time. It can't be this hot in Norway in September. It had better not be.

It's not good weather for street photography when it's like this. The light is very bright and the shadows are very dark and metering on the camera is an ever-changing, bloody nightmare. But worse than that is the skimpy clothing people wear (and I can't blame them, of course, because it's hot as I might have mentioned). It's bad enough in less sweltering times swinging your camera someone's way and risking that glance or stare with that withering look of revulsion behind the eyes (if only everyone could understand it's art (ish; your opinion may differ), not perversion – the lament of the street photographer) but when you've got to fight the voice in your head that keeps saying "that's a fairly good shot with a decent story behind it… but that skirt is very short and tempers are even shorter and someone will probably punch you if you take it" then it's a thousand times worse.

So castles and other buildings and canals and beaches and events with plenty of shade and playing with the new EF 24-105L IS USM lens are the order of the day for the moment.

Stupid weather.

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Author: Mark

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  1. Yep ! I agree this weather too hot, Although I never minded so much when I used to play cricket. Maybe something to do with the beer after the match. I hope you enjoy Norway.

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  2. I stop shooting in the high summer July August and catch up on my reading. I have enough photos from the other months to process and carry me through the creative drought.

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  3. The punches make for a better story anytime!  This shot is certainly not your style, Mark.  But love the write-up.   🙂

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  4. Gosh, I so know how you're feeling! and yes, Norway should be cooler now, I hope you're enjoying it 🙂

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