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Just watched the Olympic torch (sponsored by Coca Cola, Samsung, Lloyds TSB, and Hampshire Police's Overtime Fund) come through Portsmouth on its way down to Southsea Common. I enjoyed it more than I thought I would if I'm being honest. And I wouldn't lie to you.

After the torch had passed it was great looking at everyone bowing their heads to see what they'd captured for posterity. Chimping! Ha! Us pseudo-professionamateurs would never be caught dead doing such a thing! And I might be lying to you.

Tomorrow morning the Olympic torch passes the end of my road and then leaves the city on its way to Chichester (which is where I work). It will be passing the end of my road at the same time I'd like to be leaving for work and it will subsequently require me to make a three mile detour to take another route out of the city. And I wish I was lying to you.

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Author: Mark

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  1. that girls is precious! that eye of a critic, lips pouted in dissatisfaction… i can see her as an art critic, news editor, or any other kind of bossy type… adorable trouble in the making.

    Now that said… i wonder if you'd dare lie to her?

    wonderful piece of street life which i'll immediately hijack for +PeopleandLife … what do you think, would I lie about that?

    (don't tell a soul, but i really enjoyed this post shhhh)

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  2. I saw the torch in 1960 on its way to Squaw Valley, California, for the Winter Games. No photos, though.

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