Charles Dickens Music Triple

Charles Dickens… music… triple?

Did he write any music?

No, no he didn’t. However, there’s a bit of a Dicken’s celebration taking place round about now and his birthplace, Portsmouth, just so happens to be mine too. More importantly than that, however, I could do with breaking up some of these photo posts with something different and you don’t get much more different than music videos with extremely tenuous links to the great author.

Chuck Berry – Carol
As in A Christmas Carol. Naturally.

Paris – Rainy Day in London
Can anyone say “A Tale Of Two Cities“? Thought I was quite clever here. No? Well, who asked you?

Curiosity Shoppe Band – Raspberry Beret
From Martin Chuzzlewit who liked eating raspberries and wearing berets. Honestly. Read it.

Author: Mark

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