Cardinal Keith O’Brien Makes Me A Tad Angry

I find it interesting that those who proclaim most loudly that they are men or women of peace and that they wish most to promote the loving (that’s the Orwellian definition of loving, of course) word of whichever one of the many sky fairies they pretend give them instructions are demonstrably the very same people who encourage the most hatred in the world.

Another week and another religious figure crawls out from his bile-filled, nasty little shit-hole to stir up the ever-dwindling (awww! shame!) masses that pay him any attention, encouraging them to care about something that doesn’t affect them in any way at all. Clearly unhappy that Lord George Carey got in the news recently for wanting to dictate how others should live, this week it’s the turn of the Roman Catholic senior cock in Britain, Cardinal Keith O’Brien, to get his picture in print and the venomous cum that ejaculates from his mouth sprayed as far and wide as possible.

Cocksucker Cardinal Keith O'Brien

In a very clever piece of work using Paint.NET on a laptop (no mean feat!) I am demonstrating here that Cardinal Keith O'Brien is a cocksucker.

Oh! What a surprise! A complete tool in a religious organisation wants to impose his will on the majority of people who couldn’t give two fucks about him! What’s that you say? Marriage should be between a man and woman only and government shouldn’t be able to change that just because most people want it? Strange, because it never used to be between just a man and a woman but – and this is interesting – because men and women wanted to do it, and because the greedy, religious pricks saw an opportunity to charge them some money to let them do it in churches (the holy coin is a most powerful deity indeed), things changed. You couldn’t possibly explain this to a dimwitted abortion like Cardinal Keith O’Brien, though, because it involves actual facts and doesn’t tie up with his own probable overcompensating nature when it comes to anything that involves men and other men.

When it comes to religious people I’m not a very tolerant person – perhaps the one thing, ironically, that I have in common with those who have chosen to follow the path of stupid – and this is a country and these are times in definite need of a good, old-fashioned, religious purge just like in olden times. I’m not saying we should destroy the churches, but I do think they would make great pubs. And I’m not saying we should execute the priests, but reality TV is looking for the next big thing. I just want them all gone, though. They want to spread hatred to their followers but it always seems to affect me and I’ve got plenty of hatred of my own, thanks ever so much.

Author: Mark

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