Captive Audience

She played the guitar all lunchtime. She played jazz. It might have been several songs or it might have been one really long one with a few pauses for missing notes. It didn't look as if her efforts were appreciated too much by the passersby who gave her a wide berth; the important thing was that she was happy. Or sad. Or indifferent. No, the important thing was that she was in whatever mood best suited her jazz music song. Or songs. I don't get jazz.

For #WindowWednesday and for #WeLoveMusicWednesday curated by +Folletto Folletto +Andy Q. +LaDonna Pride +Harmony Goodson

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Author: Mark

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  1. I agree with Orson Welles when he said "Jazz is the great revolution of the 20th Century."

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  2. Lovely shot.  Oh, and it's time for my favourite joke again!  The difference between a jazz guitarist and a rock guitarist? A rock guitarist plays three chords to entertain an audience of 10,000, a jazz guitarist…  

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