Can We Make A Star On Earth?

A quick reminder to viewers in the UK that friend of this site (*) Professor Brian Cox will be appearing on Horizon on BBC2 and BBC HD (**) tonight at 9pm (***) where he will be looking into nuclear fusion and asking the question "Can we make a star on Earth?" (****) in a northern accent that has a bizarrely-powerful soporific effect on my wife and will be just the ticket before bed (*****).

If you’re outside the UK and that video doesn’t display then …

… now you know how I feel every time one of you American buggers embeds something from bloody Hulu.

And remember, there’s plenty more Professor Brian Cox-related information on this very site: there’s the exclusive interview with the scientist himself or the list of his early television appearances or even the secret video where he breaks down in tears and admits he’s never really understood the difference between an up and a strange quark (******).

(*) Your definition of "friend of this site" and mine may differ.
(**) See grey hairs and wrinkles like never before in glorious high definition!
(***) Set your V+ to record if you’re watching Battlestar Galactica.
(****) Spoiler alert: no.
(*****) Assuming you’re going to bed just to sleep, wink, wink (*******).
(******) Removed pending High Court ruling.
(*******) We are.

Author: Mark

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  1. I watched that last night although not in HD because I’m not flash like you. I have surmised that we’re all screwed. Thanks professor Brian Cox for making me realise there’s no point to anything any longer. In 50 years we’ll all be at war and starving in the streets. Can’t wait.

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  2. I enjoyed your footnotes immensely (**************************)

    I had no idea you were stalking Dr Brian Cox, you get more and more interesting 🙂

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  3. Let me make one thing clear: it was his wife who started stalking me.

    Check out Gia’s comments here:

    Phil Oakey’s Ego
    Designed By God

    My subsequent stalking of Brian (Marie wouldn’t let me reciprocate with Gia but this she’s fine with) would be easier if he engaged in social media so I could send him little notes too.

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