Buying A New Car

“…and a signature just here… Lovely. Let me take that from you.”

“Your pen?”

“No, no, keep that for a moment. We’re almost finished That’s the financial agreement sorted so that just leaves us with the manufacturer’s legal documents.”

“Do you need my driving licence for this?”

“No, that was earlier. This is specific to the car. Here you go. You might want to read through this and then there are a few checkboxes at the bottom to tick and sign.”

“There’s a lot of writing here.”

“It’s fairly standard for this manufacturer.”

“Okay… ‘I agree to treat the road as if I own it at all times?’ Really? I have to tick that?”

“Yes. It’s a legal restriction on ownership. That was covered up, ooh, about here I think, in the third paragraph.”

“Well, okay then. ‘I agree to drive at speeds in excess of the limit except when it is more irritating to do otherwise!’ And I have to tick all of these?”

“Afraid so. Other drivers don’t seem to have a problem and you’ll find it comes as second nature after a while.”

“‘I agree to tailgate or undertake depending on whichever is most dangerous at the time?’ That seems, well, dangerous. I suppose it is. Hmmm. Well, I’m ticking all these but I’m not really sure I’m going to follow them.”

“Some people do say that but you’ll be surprised how you feel after a while.”

“And does this form cover me from prosecution from the police?”

“It certainly appears to be that way, yes.”

“Okay, well, I think I’m done.”

“Let me check that over… Yes. Yes, that looks fine. I think that’s it then. Let me grab the keys and let me take you out to your brand new Audi.”

Audi by David Mikula

Audi by David Mikula

Author: Mark

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