Busker's Assistant

Right at the end of yesterday's lunchtime, on the way back to the drudgery of an afternoon of work (thanks mysterious, benevolent billionaire for not stopping by yet again) we passed by a busker playing guitar in the Spanish style. He was a very skilled man, clearly someone who would be the victor against the devil in one of those famous devil/human music play-offs that have souls and golden instruments as wagers, and the way that his fingers danced across the face of his guitar, alighting on the strings and plucking them with a flourish was like watching a cascade of fireflies… oh who am I kidding? I didn't even notice him. His assistant was lovely though.

For #StreetSaturday .

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Author: Mark

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  1. Since when do buskers get assistants, especially ones like that?!?! I've clearly wasted my entire life.

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  2. Very lovely – even atones for the sin of only show part of the guitar in your crop!

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