Spent some of lunchtime in the company of a couple of buskers. They weren't aware of this; I was behind them. I'm not in the habit of hanging around with those foolish enough to expose their singing and musical talents to a mostly indifferent public.

This couple was young and in need of some practice but they were also talented and a welcome change from the usual busking faces I've come to recognise over the past year or so. If I had one piece of advice for them – even though my only claim to anything approaching musical ability is the couple of years learning (a.k.a. butchering) the violin when I was younger – then it would be: busk in the shade or you will die a horrible, horrible, fiery death.

If I had two pieces of advice for them then the first one would be the same as that already expressed and the additional one would be: don't play that godawful Gotye song anywhere near me ever again or you will die a horrible, horrible, fiery death.

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Author: Mark

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  1. Speaking from personal experience as a former busker, mostly it’s not about being foolish so much as it is the best or the only option to perform whether that audience is indifferent or not. Sometimes it’s just for fun or the experience of it all. Either way, over-analysis takes away the enjoyment for both the performer and the observer. The way most of us look at it there’s plenty of streets where we aren’t that you can explore where you won’t be bothered by us. Get any closer to my face, or offer any more unsolicited advice you have no clue about, and the observer might be the one who dies a horrible, horrible, fiery death. 🙂

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