Brutalist Style

For the new Google+ theme of #SAturdayStyle curated by +lynn langmade and +lane langmade who I have a sneaky suspicion may be related to one another. You can read more about the theme's rules here – – but in a nutshell it's a theme that exposes style of some description; art, fashion, design, architecture, etc.

I've gone with architecture for the inaugural post in this theme. This is a reworking in my own particular style of a photo I took almost a year ago in Wakefield, Yorkshire, and features my second favourite style of architecture, brutalism (my favourite being art deco like just about anyone with taste). From the 1950s to the 1970s brutalist architecture embraced the wonderful ideal of casting concrete into moulds to create repetitive, geometric buildings or, if you prefer, works of art (which, admittedly, some people think are gruesome but there's no accounting for taste).

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Author: Mark

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  1. +Mark Hooper wow, just wow. Just a massive shot and a perfect inaugural post. The best line in this post is "(my favorite being art deco like just about anyone with taste.)" You manged to crack me up as well as really talk about a unique architectural style. Love Brutalism! (Oh yes, and we're twins 🙂

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  2. Great write-up & photo, Mark. This is a severe shot! The colors & clouds really fit the structure. Well done, bro!

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  3. Killer shot, perfectly embodies your point, very brutal looking with the awesome lighting !

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