"The data brought to us by the Bothan spies pinpoints the exact location of the Emperor's new battle station. We also know that the weapon systems of this Death Star are not yet operational. With the Imperial Fleet spread throughout the galaxy in a vain effort to engage us, it is relatively unprotected. But most important of all, we've learned that the Emperor himself is personally overseeing the final stages of the construction of this Death Star. On another note there are a lot of leaves in this briefing room – somehow – so we'll be having a bit of a sweep up afterwards; any help gratefully accepted. Captain Solo, I'm looking in your direction. Where was I? Oh, yes. Many Bothans died to bring us this information. And quite a few hedgehogs were sacrificed in the manufacture of this fine broom. Admiral Ackbar: nice to see you back from your paranoia counselling course. Over to you."

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