British Pride

There’s an unwritten rule if you want to keep your sanity intact while browsing the internet: don’t read the comments on a public Facebook page dedicated to racism disguised as national pride.

I’ve just written that rule down. And the reason I’ve done that is because I broke that rule and need to punish myself for this horrible lapse in common sense. I visited this page: Poppy Burners In Court 23rd Feb Like This Page To Lock Them Up. What was I thinking?

Let’s be clear: the likers and commenters in support of that page’s publicised goal are morons. Racist morons. Horrible people. On the plus side, however, they are publishing their horrible, racist, often illiterate rants on a public page so it’s nice that you don’t have to guess whether these people are intolerant, mentally-limited arseholes any longer. People like these:

Ann Wharton from the Wirral (currently working abroad, helping the economy of a foreign country) and Jonny Blythy from just outside Middlesbrough showing that they were probably skiving on the day their respective schools (massive assumption that they went to any taking place here) were teaching how to spell racial epithets. And, of course, Ann Wharton is a horrible, horrible person for wishing rape upon another person’s wife.

Daryl Brunton from Lincoln is very angry at immigrants coming over to our country and – if I’m interpreting this utter mess of a diatribe correctly – stealing all our dictionaries.

It’s very easy to mouth off but it’s something else to get up, get out there, and just do something, and Neil Maybury falls firmly in the latter camp. Neil wants babies. Lots of babies. White babies. More white people babies than dark people babies. And he wants them now. For Britain. His Britain. He’s so damned proud of Britain and its white babies, but he must have more white babies for Britain because there just aren’t enough white, British babies being born. So he’s moved to Birmingham, Alabama. And he might have gone there with several of his sisters and some close cousins. Just saying. Expect some white, American-born, British, low-IQ, genetically-weak babies very soon!

A lot of people think it’s okay to advocate murder on a public forum and far and away the most popular form of murder that these particular commenters appear to be in favour of is that of burning other humans alive. These delightful specimens of human shit – Sheffield’s David Raw, Steven Seago from Grays, Land Rover mechanic Drew Perilmeadow from Basingstoke, Swinton Insurance sales executive Neil Passey from Worcester, and Manchester’s Jay Rayner – are just a handful of the many who feel this way. One can only imagine how much they’d bleat about freedom of speech if they were ever questioned by the police and one can only further imagine how difficult it would be to explain the meaning of the word irony to them.

Finally, it’s hard to get your comment noticed among all the demands to burn alive and kill those who set fire to a fake flower but some people go the extra mile to stand out. John Parnell from the Middlebrough area is one such person; not only does John hate absolutely everyone who practices Islam, but he’s furious with Allan too. I’m not sure what Allan did to annoy John so much but it’s enough to note that John felt it also necessary to use up some of his dwindling stock of commas to make his point.

Proud to be British?

Author: Mark

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