British Museum Underground Station

A few years old but a great read with some excellent photos documenting the admittedly illegal and dangerous exploration of the London Underground system in search of the now-closed British Museum station.


British Museum Abandoned Station, London

I ran off down to the Eastbound Piccadilly platform, and nervously hopped onto the platform, and looked for the signs for the Central line. I went through the platform exit, down the stairs, along a short passage, and then into an escalator hall. Powering my way up the non-moving escalators, I came out at the top, and then had to cross another escalator hall. The bottom of these escalators were all taped off with red and white tape. Thankfully there was no one about, and I dropped down the stairs to the Central line. Turning left I was on the Westbound platform. It was empty. I ran for the end of the platform, absolutely shattered at this point. A final look back, and I hopped off the platform, and into the darkened tunnel.

Author: Mark

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