Britain Under Labour

Under Labour rule, this is just part of the state of Britain (and what a state it is!):

We are watched wherever we go. We are tracked both physically and virtually. Who we talk to is noted. What we look at is written down. They haven’t got around to tracking our cars just yet but that’s coming. And all this information – too much for one little government to cope with – is shared, either purposely or as a result of incompetence.

Your DNA is taken if you are arrested. Your DNA is taken if you are simply questioned. Your DNA is retained no matter what you were questioned for. Your DNA is retained even if you were innocent. The police are encouraged to question everyone. The government really wants your DNA. The government claims it is to help solve crimes, both past and future. But there aren’t enough prison places and courts are instructed not to send people to jail. But the government really wants your DNA. Only it’s difficult to question everyone when there aren’t enough police men and women. So…

Identity Cards
ID cards will cut down on identity theft so long as the cards cannot be counterfeited. Which they already can. ID cards are expensive. The Labour government laughs off the cost even as it rises higher and higher. During a global recession. The Labour government pushes ahead with ID cards and the grand database despite the extortionate amount of money involved. When the country has no money. When the government couldn’t even get the NHS database working. Labour spends money on a system that’s neither wanted nor necessary nor, according to security experts, useful. While people lose jobs and companies go out of business. But Labour says ID cards are useful so that’s why people are being encouraged to voluntarily buy them now (while the price has been temporarily frozen at half the doubled cost laughed off years ago.) Even though there are no ID card readers to make use of the cards. And to get a card you’ll need proof of ID just like the proof of ID everybody already has and doesn’t need to spend money on. And you’ll have to submit some biometric data. The Labour government really wants your biometric data.

The country doesn’t have any. Not now. Not for a long, long time to come. What money it does get in the future will be paying off what Labour are spending now on pointless projects that only line the pockets of private companies and individuals and future former-MPs consulting for those private companies and individuals. Or pointless projects that collect DNA and biometric data and track where you go and make notes of what you do and tag you with known acquaintances. And the money that’s left over is taken from those who earn it and given to the needy. So long as the needy happen to live in areas where people tend to vote for Labour. Because the government really wants to stay in power.

Freedom Of Speech
We don’t have any. We never had much and what little is left is being taken away. People are barred from coming into the country in case they say something that somebody doesn’t like. Be careful about insulting religions as that’s a questionable offence now. Your right to protest is still there. So long as you let the police know about it in advance. And so long as they approve. And so long as it’s not in public areas that the government has decided are of a different sort of "public" to the dictionary definition. The government wishes everyone would just do as they’re told.

It’s a word. If the people don’t want to go to war… go to war anyway. If the people don’t want identity cards… spend future generations’ money on the scheme anyway. If the people would probably choose not to approve the ratification of treaties or constitutions… don’t ask them about it. The government really doesn’t want to be bothered by the people.

Prime Ministers
One self-serving, egotistical, sanctimonious, suddenly-Religious, warmongering bastard followed by a slurping, drooping, self-praising, world stage-embarrassment on the bridge of the S.S. Economy after a rather nasty run-in with an iceberg. We’re so very, very proud of the pair of them.

This is not to say that the Conservatives will be much better. They’ve said they’re opposed to ID cards and the keeping of DNA and biometric information and all that tracking of what you’re up to. But it’s hard to give something up once you’ve got it. And they’re politicians. And they’re Conservative politicians. They should reduce some expenditure and knock a decade off the country’s possible recovery though.

I don’t trust Cameron – people have become cynical of the spin – and there is a growing number of bloggers and online voices supporting Tory policies and attacking anything perceived as non-Conservative whose tactics – if representative of the political party they follow – are immature and potential harbingers of deep trouble for this country indeed.

Britain’s broke; financially and physically. Governments got us here and governments will probably make it harder to recover.

Author: Mark

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