Brighton Seagull

I'm in the middle of going through the photos I took yesterday during a day out to Brighton but thought I'd upload this for #SeagullSunday (I'm well aware there is no such theme).

Brighton is a seaside town and, as such, it has seagulls. If you walk down the pier you will be watched like a hawk (okay, like a seagull) if it's even suspected that you might have fish and chips on or about your person. The birds are expert gliders and hoverers, using the sea breeze to hold in position above likely targets before swooping in for a feast and occasionally – if you're very lucky – you can swing your camera straight up and get a nice, sharp shot of one of these gulls without leaning too far back and falling over.

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Author: Mark

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  1. Looks sharp! Nice 🙂
    I need to get out of the city and shoot some wildlife one of these days…

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  2. Agree, not only do you have to be patient but you usually have to wake up early and go far away. This is why I have been sticking with the urban scene.

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