Brian Cox – Wonders Of The Universe Promo Pictures

As many science fans will know, the widely-acclaimed (I acclaimed it three times myself and I’m fairly wide) BBC series Wonders Of The Solar System presented by Professor Brian Cox (to be shown on Discovery in August) is to get a much-deserved sequel – Wonders Of The Universe – to be broadcast in the UK in early 2011.

Brian has been galavanting around the world filming for the new series and he has just released a series of promotional pictures to promote it in a pictorial manner. I think you’ll agree it looks great.

Brian Cox in a jet
Professor Brian Cox mounted in the cockpit of a Hunter jet from episode #1: The Wonder Of Aliens.

Brian Cox with a lion
Professor Brian Cox plus feline friend from episode #2: The Wonder Of Leaning On Things.

Brian Cox and chopper
Professor Brian Cox and a chopper, also from episode #2: The Wonder Of Leaning On Things.

Brian Cox and Glaive
Professor Brian Cox and his Glaive about to do battle with the Beast and his army of Slayers in the Black Fortress in order to free the lovely Gia, again from episode #2: The Wonder Of Leaning On Things.

Brian Cox, Wonders Of The Universe
Professor Brian Cox, general promotional shot for the BBC series Wonders Of The Universe.

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  1. Is that a flux capacitor in the first picture???

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  2. i want to learn physics but my teacher sucks.. i want complete understanding of phenomenons and the cosmos..

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  3. Holy Jesus, that IS the flux capacitor.

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    • hahahahah…

      and that’s what makes Time travel possible..

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  4. funny use of photoshop, what’s out of place you ask?
    1st picture, flux capacitor
    2nd picture, sand pail and shovel
    3rd picture, get to the choppa Garfield
    4th picture, dead giveaway photo name, movie Krul
    5th picture, you need to be canadian to understand it, cox is a chipmunk

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  5. Brian has just announced that Wonders of the Universe will air on BBC2 at 9pm on March 6th.

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  6. Oh Brian, my density has brought me to you.

    The way I see it, if you’re gonna build a time machine, why not do it with some style?

    I can’t wait for the next episode- The Wonders of Perma-Grin

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