Boycott China?

ChinaBoycott China!

Don’t attend the Olympics!

Try to douse the torch to support Tibet!




So, can we expect more of the same in four years time when London is supposed to hold the Olympics? Or is this just a special treatment we reserve for, you know, other people?

London, England, 2011.

"Britain supported invasion of another sovereign country and the subsequent killing of tens if not hundreds of thousands of civilians there! Britain oversaw the emplacement of a puppet government in that country that held a kangaroo court and executed the former leader! Britain aided in the transformation of a secular, prosperous country into a poor, dangerous shithole! Britain took away a country’s right to determine its own path! Britain imposed its will! Britain helped dictate! Boycott Britain! Don’t visit London! Piss in their teacups! Protest! Fight!"

What do you reckon? Will it happen? And not just a few placards? Will our protestors protest and fight and grapple with the police so strongly when it’s us who are the bad guys and the centre of the world’s attention? Or do they only come out when they can justify their actions as standing up for the little guy. Poor little Tibet. Ooh, we don’t like a big foreign bully! We like our bullies homegrown. Let’s do something that will make us feel warm inside! Can’t come into work today. I’m protesting. You know, because we’re all one big happy world and we’ve got to do what we can to help those poor people who can’t help themselves. Get rid of all my cheap electrical goods? What! Are you crazy?

What possible right do any of us have to protest against the Chinese and disrupt and vandalise for what we see them do now when we’ve still not punished the government in our own country for their actions in our names? We need to sort out our own mess and our so-called leaders before we dare criticise those of other nations. Lead by example.

Author: Mark

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  1. Holy crap! Brilliant. I might have to quote you on this in my angry political blog.

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  2. Does that mean I won’t be able to have tea wiv the queen then
    I’m hopping all the way to LDN coz I’ve only got a leg n’a half
    I lost t’udder in Afghanistan u know. An American accidentally shot it off

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