Boko Haram

From GQ magazine an article on Boko Haram who are somewhat belatedly making international news for their horrific actions in Nigeria.

Boko Haram: Sons of anarchy


The article does go some way to showing how small acts can snowball. From an incident involving the not wearing of helmets on bikes to the death of Boko Haram’s spiritual leader Mohammed Yusuf while in custody, and from there to where we are now.

In the final hours of 30 July, the forces of the Nigerian state sowed the seeds of the violence that was to come, violence that would replicate the devastation of Maiduguri in towns and villages across the region. There is internet footage of Mohammed Yusuf, heavily bandaged, issuing a stumbling confession in a cell. An hour later, Yusuf was dead, executed without trial. While the police later claimed he’d been trying to escape, witnesses reject this. The 39-year-old Yusuf left behind four wives, 12 children and a legion of enraged followers.

Very well worth a read especially as Boko Haram are featuring heavily in the news right now (but how long until that fades?) There’s even a glimmer of hope in the rising of civilians against the terrorist group.

Author: Mark

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