Blurred Barbs

I feel the need! The need for posting some more black and white photos! Tom Cruise, Tog Pun

However, one more colour shot for now because it has bokeh and people like bokeh, and because it has sharpened bits of rusty metal that prevent – or, at least, hinder – lunatics from climbing over bridges onto railway tracks nearby and people like that too.

For #DOFMonday curated by +Mara Acoma, +Helena Martins, and +Lynda Bowyer.

These lines are more #NotReallyLeadingAnywhereLinesMonday than #LeadingLinesMonday so I won't alert +Jakob Nilsson to their presence as he probably gets inundated with notifications right now.

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Author: Mark

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  1. Nice try +Mark Hooper – we'll claim these lines as leading and carefully place them in our bag of lines. Thanks for almost sharing with #LeadingLinesMonday 🙂

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  2. +Mark Hooper All lines eventually lead to somewhere, even if the destination is off-camera … and even if it's a dead end or a fence post. No? Like +Jakob Nilsson said, nice try, and thanks for sharing. I snagged it for the theme, hehe. 🙂

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