Blue And White

I swear I will get back to street shots soon – it's not as if I didn't take any last week, after all – but I'm one of those people who likes to go through the photos taken in the order in which they shot. You know: an oddball. So, still to come: some street shots from Chichester and shots of the Mayor's day celebrations in Abingdon from this weekend (I took a lot of pictures there too (surprise!)). But there are days of photos from Spain still to check out, discard, or approve first.

This shot: on our first day in Salou my wife, my dad, and I went for a walk into town. My dad subsequently got the bus back which left my wife and I to walk the coastal trail around the numerous coves, cliffs, and beaches back to the hotel. This photo was taken on that trek back as we passed close to a house overlooking the sea; it was the strange tree that caught my attention though.

Photo taken with my Tokina f/4 12-24mm lens which I hate and love in equal measures. I hate that its effective range is actually 17-24mm on my 5D Mk II (funky tunnel effects arise when wider than 17mm). However, the blues that it floods the sensor with on sunny days are just gorgeous. Other than a minor exposure tweak, a smidge of a crop, and some spot-cleaning (I'm suffering from filthy sensor disease (quite noticeable when the aperture's closed down) right now) this is pretty much straight out of the camera.

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