Bigfoot And The Soup

America has TV programmes dedicated to discovering Sasquatch or Bigfoot (but not the Yeti, of course, because everyone knows that the Yeti doesn’t exist. Silly!) This is because America has bad TV programmes.

But America also has good TV programmes and one of them that I like – although I still can’t find anyone else in the UK who watches it – is The Soup on E! channel. The really good thing about The Soup is that it takes the time to find all the bad American TV programmes, take the piss out of them, and alert me to their presence so I can avoid them or, like I’m doing now, write about them. It’s a public service.

Some of the recurring targets for a verbal assault from host Joel McHale include those aforementioned programmes about the imaginary creature – Finding Bigfoot and 10 Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty. It’s great to see some overt scepticism in an entertainment programme, delivered with wonderful sarcasm and humour.

The Soup is well worth catching if you can. Programmes about Bigfoot… less so.

Author: Mark

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