Betty Boop

The area in Portsmouth in which I live is called North End and in North End there is a shop called Squirrels which sells some antiques but mostly Betty Boop memorabilia, vintage posters/signs, and Christian objects (prayer cards, Jesus statues, etc.) It's a very Christian place with very friendly (if, perhaps, a trifle odd (that's sometimes putting it mildly)) staff and with loads of pictures on the walls of where they help people in Iraq, for instance, and this Christian attitude carried on through to their shop window where – for what must have been a year, at least – there was a board where the smashed glass had been that simply said "God loves you", a message to the vandals who'd taken umbrage at something or other. Obviously, sales finally picked up enough for them recently to enable them to replace the window and you can now see inside which is why I took this shot as I made to cross over the road next to it today.

For the +Monthly PAD Challenge, Day 6. Also, for #monochromemonday because it's monochrome and Monday. Yeah, I know these things work.

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Author: Mark

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  1. I like her too. There's something about a woman with an enormous head and eyes the size of her breasts that drives me wild.

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