Balancing Act

There comes a point in every bicyclist's life when he, she, or it discovers the singular joy that is keeping the bike as still as possible, standing on the pedals, and trying to keep balanced whilst wind, the dizzying force of the Earth's rotation, or butterflies alighting on shoulders do their utmost to assist gravity in sending the vehicle's owner crashing to the ground.

That point in life is usually around the age of seven or eight and it forms part of that area of growing up that involves trying to beat friends and impress people of the opposite or same or no sex.

Occasionally, though – just occasionally – this joy of balancing comes late in life to a cyclist. But just because it happens at an older age those desires to outdo friends or colleagues or show off aren't necessarily suppressed by wisdom. It happened today to this man and tomorrow it might happen to you.

The women were not impressed.

The bus driver that swerved to avoid him was also not impressed.

A butterfly alighted on his shoulder and sent him sprawling.

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Author: Mark

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  1. Great photo and story +Mark Hooper 
    I had this balancing act, when I got my first mountainbike with these clip pedals and forgot to get out … 🙂

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  2. I learnt cycling when I was a kid, on a borrowed bike with faulty steering, on a small backyard full of building materials. I learnt to balance myself pretty fast, I can tell you! :))

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  3. I am very sad, because I am not able to read your stories, my computer does not follow the" expand  this post" command +Mark Hooper !!!!!!!!!!!

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