Bad Music Triple

Yep, I’m sharing a trio of music videos featuring bad music. Now, why would I do that?

It’s possible that I hate you. Very possible.

It’s possible that I fell over and hit my head. Less possible as I’m quite careful.

It’s possible that I like this music even though – to me – it’s bad. Highly unlikely. But, as it turns out, true. These are songs that I shouldn’t like… but I do.

Faith Evans – Mesmerized
I loathe R’n’B music. Loathe it. And they’ve only gone and spelt ‘mesmerised’ in its American form. The cheek of it. Cracking song though.

Girls Aloud – Love Machine
I do not like Girls Aloud. I don’t fancy any of them. I would never buy any of their tracks. But I can sing along to this so long as nobody can see me.

Heart – These Dreams
Who likes power ballads? Not me, that’s for damn sure. But my fist will clench and my hair will become magically back-combed (in my mind) when this song enters my head hole.

Author: Mark

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