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Some days there's nothing to see and some days there's loads and some days there's just one thing and it's puzzling.

It was obviously "get out and about and do some art projects" day in Chichester as there was a painter painting nearby too but the highlight of the lunchtime hover was this pair of girls – I guess from Chichester Art College – taking part in a performance piece that involved them standing absolutely still, hand-in-hand, with headphones on (listening to the same thing based on their occasional reactions of smiling and sometimes looking very sad), staring at the clock on the face of Chichester Cross, whilst also holding another clock, and reacting in no way at all to passersby, some of whom photographed them, some of whom made faces from behind their backs, but most of whom ignored them.

It seemed to me to be a piece about time (I'm smart, yeah?) and possibly about how we all don't really take the time sometimes to simply take time. I don't know. Interpretations welcome.

What was most interesting to me was seeing and overhearing other people's reactions to the girls; there was a lot of eye-rolling, sniggering, pointing, etc. In this particular photo I managed to get a bit of a quizzical moment from the elderly couple on the right as well as a bit of mocking from the couple on the left who were being photographed by their other friend out of shot.

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