For those of you who never check out the About page on profiles I don't make a living from street photography. This is mostly because hardly anyone does. My day-to-day life revolves around working as a developer for a company with a number of clients whose development requirements are many and varied; luckily my skills are many and varied so I'm a good fit for this role.

Amongst my skills is app development. You won't have seen or used any of my apps because they tend to be very specific to the clients' needs and, typically, the client decides they need something truly awful that nobody in their right mind would use. They pay; they're the boss.

Still, I do like to tinker with writing apps in my spare time just to keep my coding skills fresh and I've found that the best beta testers are random members of the public. Today, I offered a woman passing by the chance to try out a little app I'd whipped up that allows for autotuning of buskers up to ten metres away (this app uses GPS and requires access to your geolocation data). She was appy (that's a pun and you're welcome to use it as you see fit) to test it out and immediately set to work adjusting the timbre of a rather annoying, male guitarist/warbler nearby.

Sadly, the busker became convinced he was possessed by demons and ran amok in the precinct causing tens of thousands of pounds worth of damage and hospitalising a dozen. That's the sort of thing that stops an app getting through the approval process so it'll need tweaking before release.

For #WomenWednesday curated by +Niki Aguirre +Athena Carey +Lee Daniels +Kerry Murphy +Teresa Stover +Christina Lawrie.

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  1. Cool shot well seen +Mark Hooper, work always restricts my time on here, but I would just like to say ..thanks for dropping by my page and plusing my work so frequently … I have to move from page to page in kinda shift patterns but I do watch or try to drop by when I can…
    Appreciated mate, cheers.

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