Acid Princess

I know this isn’t a photoblog and I know that I don’t normally blow my own trumpet (not in public, anyway (and rarely in private since I felt that sharp twinge along my spine)) but I’m pretty damn proud of this photo I took and the subsequent Photoshopping treatment I gave it, and so, reluctantly yet egotistically peacocky, I’ve decided to force upon you – the world – my "art".

Those of you who subscribe to my Flickr account (hi you two!) may have already ignored this picture so this gives me a better chance to feel ever so slightly more appreciated (or, at least, slightly less not appreciated) during this yule period. Of yule.

Acid Diamond Princess

The picture is of the aft deck of the Diamond Princess with a number of post processing tweaks thrown in – Urban Acid colour wash, color dodging, linear burning, vignetting, and borderisification. If you know a better word that means "I added a black border" then feel free to tell me. Look how I almost on purposely made use of the rule of thirds for the composition!

Click the image for hugenormous goodness. Also, to raise the number of views it has had on Flickr. But mostly for the goodness. But really for the views.

Author: Mark

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