A Vintage Fictional Future

This is an entry for a competition run by Mark A. Rayner at his website. The competition is to create a vintage advertisement using a product from a fictional future – TV, book, or movie.

The Vintage Fictional Future competition is here. Go and enter. You know you want to.

I like the idea of this competition. Don’t be surprised to see more entries from me. Don’t be surprised to not see more entries either. What I’m trying to say here is: whatever I do, don’t be surprised. Or, if you are surprised, try to cover it up in a manner that doesn’t give away how surprised you are. I find surprise to be most unbecoming. Thankyou for listening.

Author: Mark

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  1. I’m gobsmacked, but hiding it!

    Ringworld — good one! m.

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  2. Nicely done. Wish I had some imaging skills to compete.

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  3. just hooked a brilliant book from the library, btw:

    "The Iron Dreams"
    "A science fiction novel by Adolf Hitler"
    (Norman Spinrad)
    so far, so excellent.

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  4. Your blog is great! Thanks for finding me on Twitter. I’m curious where you got that image because it looks exactly like Camelback Mountain in Scottsdale, Arizona, and the pool/resort could be the Camelback Inn or Mountain Shadows Resort? My parents stayed there for a business convention in the late 60’s and decided to move our whole family to Scottsdale from Philly. We finally moved in 1971.

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