A Miscellany Of May

Last post from me for just over a week now (although I'll still be perusing your uploads and plussing or commenting on them for the rest of today) as I'm heading off tomorrow for a week's holiday in Catalonia; Salou to be precise, with a day trip to Barcelona already penned in. This will be the first time to mainland Spain for us although we've visited the Balearics a couple of times before. The holiday comes courtesy of my dad who wants to spend some time with my brother, me, our wives, and my niece and nephew, and it's in an all-inclusive hotel so that means it's going to be cheap. Cheap is good. Also, it means I won't be working and won't be subjected to the constant talk of the Jubilee celebrations which is just starting to get on my nerves about now. So that's also good.

This is an album of various shots that I've not shared here before (I think) taken during the month of May, mainly street shots from Chichester – as you'd expect – with a handful of shots from a day at Mottisfont Abbey thrown in for good measure; some sunny, some rainy; some black and white, some colour.

Looking forward to helping out our Spanish cousins by injecting some cash into their local economy, getting some rest, relaxation, downing free local beers and spirits in the hotel, swimming every day, and – just maybe – taking a few thousand photos of the locals, holidaymakers, and the various sights of the region. I might even share some (of the photos, not the beer or spirits) with you when I get back.

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  1. Read miscellany of May found it intriuging could relate to it likening it to my own personal life. Spending time with family especially during the Summer months very important and something I cherish. Keep the website going. Very good! I really enjoy it!

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