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I just took a quick look through your Google+ stream and, well, you're lacking some culture in there. Sure, some people think animated GIFs are a valid representation of internet cultural norms but those people – I'm trying to be tactful here – are mental. No, you're lacking proper, traditional culture; you know the sort: art and stuff. Luckily for you it's a Wednesday and I'm overflowing with culture. I've got culture coming out of my culture crevices and flowing over the edges of my culture cleft. What I'm saying here is: have some culture!

Also – possibly – some inspiration for an upcoming Doctor Who story. Who knows?

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Author: Mark

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  1. +Dennis Freeland I understand that they'll be in the cloisters of the cathedral until the last few days of July. In addition to them there are a number of other statues dotted around the city; I keep stumbling on new ones every day.

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  2. First, gotta say I love your writing style, brings a smile to this dismal old face.  Secondly, and probably more importantly, thank you for sending some desperately needed culture to the colonies.  If not for Jerry Springer, we would have nothing!?
    But seriously, you have a lovely body of work here, a very well executed set of images.  I have enjoyed them immensely.  Thank you for sharing!

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  3. check beneath your fingernails and in between your toes, right behind your earlobes darling, that's where culture grows – thomas dolby

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  4. I can't even begin to imagine how cultured it would be if it just were a wee bit animated … and I think it's a cat. Ha!

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