A Guide To Cough Mixture

Cough, coughYou’ve got a cold.

It entails the sniffles. There’s stuff at the pharmacy for sniffles.

It entails stuffiness. There’s stuff at the pharmacy that decongests that stuffiness.

It entails a cough. There’s stuff at the pharmacy that addresses coughs…

… but which sort of cough?

It’s a tougher question than it ought to be because no single cough ever fits neatly into one particular category. Take me, for instance: right now I’ve got a tickly cough in my chest that sounds dry. This sounds like the perfect opportunity to take a quick look at the various types of cough mixtures available to buy at the pharmacy to see just exactly what they do.

Cough Mixture For Chesty Coughs
This cough mixture contains a midly abrasive fluid that is designed to scrape away at whatever is attached to your airways pulling the chesty cough particulates down into your stomach where they will slowly be alchemically transformed into kidney stones. The side effect to curing the chesty cough is to leave rough areas in your oesophagus which can be irritating when you breathe, leading to the formation of a tickly cough.

Cough Mixture For Tickly Coughs
Tickly cough mixture is a thicker mixture than that for chesty or dry coughs as it is designed to coat dry areas in your oesophagus that would otherwise cause irritation when breathing which leads to coughing. The thick coating soothes the tickly sensation but does restrict the passage of water vapour passing to and from the lungs and this can lead to the formation of a dry cough.

Cough Mixture For Dry Coughs
The final type of cough mixture tackles dry coughs by super-hydrating your airways, adding much needed water into your breathing. The hydrating power of dry cough mixture washes away anything stuck in your oesophagus but the combination of water and heat (as this happens inside you) can form a breeding ground for certain types of cold germs which grow and attach themselves in a way that becomes a chesty cough.

In summary: don’t bother with cough mixtures unless your wife gives you that look that says “stop coughing or I will take the bread knife to your neck”. I like the nice-tasting ones.

Author: Mark

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