A Google+ Photo Journey

I was browsing Google+ today, leaping from stream to stream like a social networking salmon, when I thought to myself: wouldn’t it be good to find a picture from someone’s stream, post it here with a note describing why I liked it, leap randomly via someone who’d interacted with that stream in some way to discover a new picture, and repeat a few times thereby giving me something to post on my site?

And then I thought: no, that’s not good at all. That’s the opposite of good.

And then I decided to do it anyway. Here are five shots from five streams browsed one after the other for no other reason than that I wanted to. It’s the best reason there is.

So, first off was a quick look at my Street Photographers circle, one of the two main circles I’ve created that I check numerous times a day. And the first photo to catch my eye was this shot entitled “Love, Work, Create… Ride” (although I think it should be live not love) by Garth McKay:

Lovely warm tones from the low sun behind the camera and gorgeously lit with that same light reflecting off the store windows and into the street; this creates some great shadows and reflections onto the road surface. The bike neatly framed with the words around it is excellent too.

Someone who liked that photo was Andre Behrmann so a quick scroll down his stream brought me to this:

Great sharpness picking out all the textures especially in the foreground and obviously lovely symmetry here. Particularly nice is getting the natural light from the sun directly overhead so as to cast great light and shadow right down the middle of the photo.

This shot led me via one of the commenters on it to the following photo by Thorsten von Eyb:

Three things I love about this photo: firstly, it’s the moment in the centre of the shot; the hug in the middle of the crowded scene and the working of the camera phone by the hugged individual. Secondly, there’s the angle of the shot; always nice to see something off the vertical or horizontal and in a crowded shot like this it works well to convey claustrophobia to me. Finally, of course, it’s the woman in the white trousers who – for some reason (ahem) – is actually the focal point for the picture.

Liking Thorsten’s shot was Serein Lee and I know I’m always going to see good shots from him so off to his stream and this shot is the one I wanted to pick out:

The girls are wonderfully-isolated is this shot, their white clothing beaming out against the darkness around them; lovely use of high contrast for this. And the girls themselves are great too; I love that they’re forming a diamond formation and that they’re all so happy. Brilliant moment framed perfectly.

This then led me finally (well, as far as this post is concerned) to Richard Kralicek and I felt in the mood for a colour shot to show off so this one stood out in very short order:

Another symmetrical shot but with a vastly different feel to it than the earlier one by Andre. The architectural designs coupled with the piercing, clear blue of the sky lends this a futuristic look that appeals to me. Then, because it’s utilising a reflection for the symmetry, there’s the bonus that comes from peering through the glass to see what’s behind the glass.

Author: Mark

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  1. Thanks, Mark. Loved it. Did you deliberately include a picture of Hamburg by a guy named Behrmann just in order to pique my curiosity?

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