A FriendFeed Convergence

It can’t have escaped your attention unless you’re medically mental, run the world’s narrowest browser, or are reading this through an RSS reader that I like FriendFeed.

I like it enough to embed my stream in this site. I like it enough that I spend far more time there than I do here. I like it enough that I’m using it to update this site right now by embedding a video made by FriendFeeders of FriendFeeders discussing things that include FriendFeed in this, a post littered with the word FriendFeed and even titled (borrowed directly from the video) with the very same name too.

Now, some people like farming and talking about their bras; for these people there is Facebook.

Some people like typing:

RT @celebrity something-not-really-worth-tweeting-let-alone-retweeting-but-hell-the-minor-celebrity-involved-might-notice-me-it-can-happen-no-you-shut-up

only in 140 characters or fewer. For these people there is Twitter.

I like social networking. There’s only FriendFeed.

Video by Christopher Harley and starring the recently-married and most popular Scoble on FriendFeed Alex Scoble, the librarian who hates pants (and you thought such a thing didn’t exist!) Holly, the farmer but not a Facebook FarmVille farmer Scott Mueller, and the words simply can’t describe how awesome he is Derrick.

Author: Mark

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  1. Oh thanks for shearing this.

    Not really got the social networking side of friendfeed yet.

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  2. Oh, those wiley spammers! Now deleted.

    I think it could possibly be a good place for you Claire; in addition to your drawings I’m sure you could find like-minded individuals in your counselling vocation. Failing that, you could bring some like-minded people together either directly or once you start a group going. Setting up a room/group is dead simple and you could post links and discuss there so easily – far easier than a blog in my opinion, far, far better than anything Facebook has to offer, and, well, Twitter doesn’t even have a chance.

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  3. Thanks for the attention, Mark. I was hesitant to force these four into a situation like this, under the lights with five cameras moving around them, for fear that they’d lock up and focus on the set more than their affinity for one another. Luckily, my fears were unfounded because it wouldn’t matter where they were, they each had a unique user experience to impart to the audience. I’m grateful not only for their willingness to take part in this film but also for their determination in promoting FriendFeed as a still vibrant community where everyone is given a chance to share and tell his or her individual story. Lifestreaming is about addressing an audience and FriendFeed is still one of the best ways to do that.

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