A Few Street Shots

These are the pictures I took yesterday in Chichester. The interesting people came out in droves yesterday and I had my choice of the busker, the dancer, and the artist to pick from.

I also tried taking a few shots from a much lower angle; these didn't turn out so well and I think I'm going to blame my poor, old knees for perhaps adding too much tension to the photos and introducing the shakes. Nevertheless, the first one in this album did come out okay and was taken from a crouching position. I did get a little worried that the woman who turned around at the sound of the shutter might be wondering what I was doing down there. As always in these situations nonchalance and disappointment are the photographer's friends: act oblivious, fire off some more shots, peer at the LCD or surroundings with a frown on the face, and pretend that there's nothing to be concerned about. Not that there was anything to be concerned about.

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Author: Mark

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  1. I guess the answer to the problem of low shots and painful knees is to lie down. I'm not sure I'm ready to lie down just yet; maybe I'll just practice a bit more and see if I can get that camera even lower but steadier as I like the difference in the shot it produces.

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  2. I use a right angle viewfinder for my Nikon which allows me to get the camera lower and more stable. With an angle viewfinder you can look down at the ground and your camera will be pointed parallel to the ground. I find this more comfortable.
    But lying on the ground works too!

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