A Couple With Coffees

First street shot in a little while thanks to this stupid cold, and Chichester is proving to be a bit of a pain for photographing at the moment on account of the roadworks taking place in the precinct (lifting up flagstones, replacing them, making sure the maintenance budget for the year is fully used so that it can get renewed, I'm not cynical). There was also the problem of dealing with some rather harsh light today and a chilly wind that sapped feeling from the fingers; that last part explained why this couple were walking through with coffees in hands, at least.

For #ThirstyThursday (curated by +Mark Esguerra and +Giuseppe Basile) as well as #CoffeeThursday (curated by +Jason Kowing and +Cheryl Cooper).

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Author: Mark

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  1. Awesome shot! Even with tough conditions, I'm glad you were able to shoot! 😉

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  2. A great shot. I see the wind you are talking about. I'm glad you braved all the elements (nature and man-made) to take this shot. I think the tricky morning light adds a lot to this photo.

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