A Better World Is Possible

I'm always looking for ways to improve the world – sure, not everyone approves of my eugenics experiments and the way I recently tampered with the planet's grasses in an attempt to bioengineer flame-resistant cattle (I still firmly believe that ordering steak "well done" is one of the leading causes of unrest on Earth) – so I was immensely pleased to stumble upon a demonstration taking place in Manchester last weekend where it seemed they shared my ambitions.

I tried to determine just how it was that they were planning to improve things but couldn't spot a mad-scientist-looking individual amongst the throng. Eventually, though, I did see a gentleman holding up what appeared to be step one in the group's masterplan. I stopped him.

"Throw the tories out?" I asked him. "Interesting. Interesting. And then what? Robotic dictatorship? Benevolent… or otherwise?"


I pointed at the paper he was holding. "Throw the tories out," I said, reading it out loud for him but adding a definite article as I felt it was missing one. "No population pacification through cloud-seeding flights? No regional competitions to win liberty points? Womb-based citizen training?"

"Yeah, throw the tories out," he agreed with a puzzled look.

"Is that it?" I asked.

"It's a start," he replied, flashing me a nasty smile.

I pondered his response for a second. "But then they'll be unemployed," I said. "That hardly seems like a better world at all. Who will fill the important niche role of a self-serving group of the barely tolerable heaping misery on the masses with scant regard for anyone else?"

"That's where the trade unions come in," he said.

I let him carry on with his march then and shook my head sadly. Their plan needed a new banner; one that read A World Very Much Like This One Is Likely might do the job. And lasers. A really good plan needs lasers.

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Author: Mark

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  1. Yes but you didn't ask out from what the Tories would be thrown. The basket of an airship? That way they would be gone but not unemployed (except in the most drastic sense), and the replacement politico-drones would continue guarding the status quo under the camouflage of radical reform.

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  2. This looks like it was taken in the 80s.

    Or all these people are still wearing the clothes they wore in the 80s.

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  3. Note to self
    On Monday:
    1. Buy laser
    2. Phone UTTU (Unemployed Tories Trade Union) and lodge Freedom of Information request re: membership numbers, donors, subs fees.
    3. Contemplate the world being a better place.

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  4. We don't get the May Day Madness Marches over here, though I've seen them a couple of times visiting London on various May Days. (Funny how that first week of May is such a perfect time to visit!)

    The scene reminds me slightly of the fraternity in Animal House who, having been ordered off campus asked, "What to do?"  Which question was unanimously answered "Perform a futile gesture!"

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  5. Quite entertaining. I read it twide to make sur I did not miss anything. 😉
    The shot is superb. Have a great day, +Mark Hooper

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