80s Computer Games TV Adverts

I don’t recall ever seeing a TV advert for a computer game in the eighties. This was possibly because we watched BBC more than ITV – yes, we were a BBC family; what of it? – but it might also be because they were absolutely horrific and my brain sensibly removed them from storage immediately after viewing. See for yourself with this selection of three television commercials for games available on the ZX Spectrum, Commodore 64, Oric, Dragon 32, Atari, Acorn Electron, Amstrad, and even the MSX. Remember MSX?


Classic platformer and the only game of the three featured here that I actually played (on a friend’s Commodore 64 as I didn’t actually own it).

The Young Ones

I didn’t even know there was a Young Ones computer game but I’m sure I would have remembered this advert. You wouldn’t forget an advert this excruciating would you?


I had some isometric 3D games but not this one. The advert is particularly bad because I can only assume it’s being targeted at cockroaches or ants or some other non-human species that communicates using clicking sounds.

Author: Mark

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