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Well, I’m starting off 2013 without a functioning camera (not strictly true; I can still use the old 350D) because my 5D Mark II has developed a shutter problem (the infamous “Err 30”) and will need to get sent off to an authorised repairer. This is one of two camera-related disasters of 2012 (*). Still, it’s a new year and I’ve updated the colour theme and logo on the site and need to keep the content flowing so why not take a look back at 2012 and pick out a photo I’ve taken every month with a little blurb for filler? There are many reasons why not but I’m just going to go ahead anyway.


January It was my oldest friend (in terms of how long I’ve known him as opposed to person of greatest age) Matthew’s fortieth birthday so a family and friends gathering took place at Portchester Castle. It was quite cold. Well, it was January. Pictured is Matthew’s dad and his son playing on the old walls.


February My love affair with street photography continued and every now and then I took a nice shot too. This is one I particularly liked, featuring a girl on the phone down an alleyway just off East Street in Chichester. I got myself close to the wall so that I could get nice lines down the brickwork.


March The days were getting longer in March – it’s my understanding this is a common occurrence – which meant the evenings as I left work were occasionally visited by interesting-looking sunsets or weak suns. This shot is taken from the roof of the multi-storey car park where I (big surprise!) park my car.


April Our annual trip up north to watch Wakefield in the Super League took place in April in 2012. To mix things up we went a different route from normal and ended up popping in to Matlock Bath on the way. Very nice it was too. Pictured is a shot of a bridge over the river Derwent and snow on the hills in the background.


May A friend from the states, Michelle, popped over to London on business in May and since she’d been kind enough to show us around Washington D.C. the year before we returned the favour and took her on a walking tour of our capital city. This photo was during a lunch break that we took in Covent Garden where you have to accept that you’ll be sharing your food with winged pests.


June In June my dad took my wife and I, my brother and his wife, and my sister-in-law’s two kids to Spain for a week. A lovely time had by all. Salou was our base but Tarragona, Reus, and Barcelona all featured heavily in the list of places we visited. Weather was glorious and we came back knowing that we’d have to visit Barcelona again for a longer visit; beautiful city. This shot is from Salou along the promenade.


July In July the Olympic torch came through Portsmouth on its way to London for what proved to be a far better Olympic games than I think most people were expecting. It was probably only surpassed by the Paralympics for great sporting events in recent times.


August The International Kite Festival came to Southsea Common and the day that we visited was just perfect for it; bright blue sky but plenty of warm wind to keep the many vibrantly-coloured kites flying magnificently.


September After seeing a demonstration of the sport at Gunwharf a month or so earlier it was in September that I went to see an actual game featuring the local team, the Portsmouth Roller Wenches. Great fun, great event, and 2013 should be a good year for the team if the events I saw were anything to go by.


October In October we popped along to the Portsmouth Beer Festival. It’s because we like beer. And much beer was consumed. This is a shot I managed to take while still capable and it’s one I liked because of the lighting on the woman’s face; it reminded me of an old film noir.


November In November my wife and I went to see Marilyn Manson and Rob Zombie in concert at the O2 in London. If you ever get a chance to see Rob Zombie in concert then you are hereby ordered to attend; unbelievably awesome. We stayed in London overnight so this gave us a day either side to so some sightseeing. This photo was taken in the foot tunnel that runs under the Thames at Greenwich. Yes, it’s a ballerina posing for photos in a Victorian tunnel. Why wouldn’t it be?


December Finally, in December we visited relatives in Abingdon in Oxfordshire where – it turned out – in addition to lots of flooding they were also celebrating the Abingdon Extravaganza. Morris dancing, brass bands, and various other activities were taking place. This photo is of the Snow Queen who towered over everyone as she wandered around. This might have been because of stilts or she might naturally have been one of those eight foot-tall women you read about. I suspect the latter.

(*) The second camera-related disaster was me forgetting to take it with me on a trip to America at the end of October/beginning of November. And that’s why there isn’t a picture from that occasion. I mean, I could have shown you one taken on the phone but, well, you know. It’s a phone. Not a camera. I’m a bit of a camera snob darling.

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