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If you’re the proud owner of "eyes" and have had the terrible misfortune of having visited this site once before and make occasional use of "your memory" then, my friend, you may just notice that changes pertaining to site design have been afoot, went and afooted themselves, and can be said to be positively afeet right now.

Standard post-design change disclaimer now follows …

Tested on Windows PC in IE7 and FF3 Beta 5 and it looks okay to me. I really don’t care that much for other browsers or operating systems but if there’s a terrible problem in one of them and you’re one of those crazy people who uses such crud then let me know and I’ll sigh inwardly and see what I can do.

There are "things" (technical term) still lying about that need tidying. I’ll get to them. I just couldn’t be bothered tweaking any more. Sometimes you’ve just got to stop tweaking and let it go.

This means I can get back to updating the site properly soon. Soon. As in "not immediately". But soon.

UPDATE: The Gods of Bad Timing have conspired to coincide this design update with my host upgrading the server. Expect larger problems.

UPDATE UPDATE: Okay. Looks like most bugs sorted out. Couple of design niceties to address on some of the pages but I think we’re just about there.

Author: Mark

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  1. I have eyes and I like what I see.

    The stuff on the side bar looks much tidier and easier on the eye.

    But really I just like the big bubble and the pretty colours 🙂

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  2. Hey Mate,
    I’m one of those who use something other than Windows and IE. On my linux machine running Iceweasel (Firefox) it looks nice. Everything seems to be where it should. Very clean and tidy design.

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  3. It’s so pretty…

    *prances through a meadow of daisies, whistling (before realising how gay he looks and sounds)*

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